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Hire Drupal Web Developer Who Must Have These 10 Actionable Skills

Planning to develop a feature-rich, intuitive, and robust Drupal website? If yes, then you will be needing the support of an advanced level developer well-versed in end-to-end Drupal web development. 

So, how are you thinking to hire Drupal web developer of your choice to build a scalable & result-oriented website?

Is this going to be like based on years of experience as a Drupal developer? The numbers of projects did in the past? Affordable level service? Or, it could be due to any other reason?

Believe the fact that there is no shortage of Drupal web development firms and their team of professionals. Undoubtedly, everyone claims to be the best developer’s team based on years of expertise, technical skills, previous clients, and more. 

All that matters is to hire a developer who should be well-versed in advanced level technologies & actionable skill sets.

Thus, to let you make the right decision, here’s the list of technical skills to see in the Drupal developer and hire the same immediately. 

Drupal Developer with 10 Advanced Skills to Have in 2021 

1. Stronghold on PHP & Frameworks

Several Drupal developers have the proficiency of developing a website on an open-source CMS platform. But not all are familiar with PHP and Symphony (PHP framework) to create a profitable platform. 

So, you need to search for developers having deep-level expertise in PHP and PHP frameworks. Also, they should be having a working knowledge of MySQL and JQuery. 

2. Knowledge of Installing & Building Drupal Modules

Drupal modules are an important aspect of the Drupal website that help integrate with several third-party resources & tools. This combination helps the platform to appear both like a portal accessing the most common resources. It also acts as a personalized tool for website visitors to use. 

Therefore, Drupal developers should have the idea of creating customized modules and install the same as per your requirement. 

3. Familiar with Drupal Theme Development

The theme of the Drupal website is an important aspect to create an interactive UI/UX experience for all the visitors. Although, Drupal Community features more than 2000+ themes to choose from. Still, the developer you hire should be having prior knowledge of personalized the theme as per your business requirements. Thus, to bring a unique outlook to your website, you need an expert Drupal developer who is into theme development as well. 

4. Skilled Knowledge of Version Control with Git

It’s a common practice that developers use Git and GitHub to access version controls of their projects. Only advanced level Drupal developers have the expertise to store the code in the GitHub repository and keep track of each version control. Thus, it helps proficient developers to roll back the changes if anything goes wrong in the code of files. 

5. Know How to Debug & Update the Site

Apart from writing and storing codes in GitHub, experienced Drupal developers should know how to fix bugs in code. Hire proficient experts only who know how to spot errors in the code while writing the same. It is because of the fact that fixing bugs after the site goes live is a time-consuming and critical process. And, developers know how to provide post-launch Drupal support and maintenance support to each project. 

6. Working Knowledge of CLI Tool

CLI stands for Command Line Interface Tool, which is an essential tool for Drupal developers to use while developing sites. It takes care of the repetitive tasks of developers, automates several tasks, and save time switching from one app to another. 

7. Database Understanding

In 2021, Drupal developers must be proficient enough to deal with databases. They should know how to create, insert, update, and delete records from the database of a website. 

8. Networking Basics

In most circumstances, developers work on the website based on the client-server model. Once developed the website shift to a network that can be accessed by customers from any place. Concerning this, developers should have a basic knowledge of databases. It is required if the website’s architecture fail to configure and causes HTTP request to fail over the network. Therefore, Drupal developers should be aware of the necessary network fundamentals before they begin programming. 

9. Cross-Platform Software Knowledge

Current the age of developing cross-platform applications that run effectively on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. There is no doubt that website and app users access the platforms more on smartphones of different OS. Therefore, your website should build according to the tailored requirements of different platforms accordingly. Therefore, developers should be aware of cross-platform development skills to write code once and run anywhere. 

10. Drupal Security Skills

Security is no doubt the primary concern for every enterprise while developing Drupal-based websites. This is why, you expect to hire a Drupal developer who must be well-versed with the company’s entire database, security concerns, know the simple queries of SQL, and more. 

On top of that, a developer should know how to work with MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, and more.

Final Note 

Now, the picture must be clear to you as to what it actually takes to hire an experienced Drupal developer for your project. The best recommended is to stay away from the usual skills of the developer and look for the above actionable insights. 

To help you find the right technical expert for Drupal web development, DrupalIndia is here to offer you comprehensive assistance. It is one of the leading and top Drupal development companies with a successful track record of creating result-oriented projects. 


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